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Today is 18,Jan,2019
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clutch set
clutch setclutch setclutch set
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Updated: 2018-06-04 15:48
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 In class Trident exterior design of the clutch cover modeling, CNC shavings whole process, high roundness and high-speed weight balance, reduce speed yaw possible. With the new design packaging boxes, even friendly price, but also provide you with a high standard of enjoyment. 

Included three generations of Poseidon clutch fork jacket, clutch (orange street version / lemon WS athletic version available), opening and closing tin plates, bowls a male nut each B, stickers B Chang 

Applicable vehicles: S-MAX 155  Cygnus / carriage  Thunder / RV  ADDRESS / GRS  RS / CUXI  Pentium / Biao Tiger VJR / MANY  RX  JR